Saturday, December 3, 2005

2006 Crochet Calandar

  Look what I found today at Costcos:) a neat 2006 calandar with a crochet pattern a day in it. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw it. They even had one on knitting but Im such an avid crocheter that I just had to have it. It has 365 patterns and it cost me 8.00. Now I wonder if I could try and make something once a day:) What do you think?

  You know earlier this week I was telling you about me not having anything to crochet and I thought maybe I could start my spring afghan. But I totally forgot I have to make my niece an afghan for her new baby. She doesnt seem to know what the baby's sex is so I think Ill make a generic baby afghan. A nice yellow, blue and pink oh yea I did get some baby green to go with it:) I got Caron Simply Soft to make it with. I think Ill start that right away. If I can stop making those cute gingerbread men ornaments:)

  Well have a great night and Ill be back tomorrow

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