Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Shame on me!

You will not believe what I did tonight!

  I usually have bible study on Wednesday nights. But today on HooksnGrannies Rhonda wants everyone to make Pumpkin hats for the babies. SO I printed out the pattern from Bevs ** PUMPKIN Hat, Bevs ** and promply went to JoAnns store to buy the yarn. When I got back I started right to making the hat :) Then around 8 oclock pm Vegas time it dawned on me I was suppose to be at the study! Can you believe it? I was so wrapped up in making the hats that I totally spaced the bible study:) lol

Well so far Im just about finished when I get it done(and when I get my camera back from my daughter Abbea) I will take a pic of it so you can see them. They are so adorable.

  Well I just thought I would let you all have a good laugh at my expense:) Have a great night!

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