Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Been a crocheting...

Ive been very busy with making a bed doll that I got from www.TDCreations.com. They sell really cute dolls and the patterns for making the dolls dresses. The doll I chose to make was the one called Kaci she is really easy to make. Heres a pic of her..7150 13" KACI Crochet Bed Doll PatternI really like her. Im making one for my mom for Christmas and 2 more for my granddaughters. My granddaughters were over yesterday and they were going through the little catalogue that they sent me. And they picked out several different dolls that they wanted me to make for them:)

  When I finish the doll Ill put a pic of them up so you can see the dolls Im making. Even my grandson wants a doll. Of course he wants the Hero doll for boys he has already picked out the doll. So I better get to making them:)

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