Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bi monthly crochet meet

We had a great meeting tonight. Mary and Angie showed up. I had my regular cup of chili. And I even had a grilled cheese sandwich tonight. We had a great meeting Angie is making an awesome baby blanket. I just love the colors she chose blue green and white. Mary  is making a really pretty baby blanket as well. I brought along my bed doll and some stockings to work on.

  We chatted about crocheting and knitting as well. Angie brought along her new sock pattern booklet. I cant wait to see how they come out. I might even try to crochet a pair of socks. Thats if I dont ever start knitting a pair of socks:)

  We decided to meet again in 2 weeks. We want to get together more often than just once a month. We have all decided too that we are passionate addicted crocheters. We cant seem to get enough of crocheting. Well Ill write back later and let you all see my bed doll Im about finished with:)

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