Saturday, September 3, 2005

Katrina Mess

These are just some of the items bought by HooksNGrannies


  I know you are just as I am very sadden about the events in the south this past week, Ive been so upset I just had no idea what or how to help the folks there. I did send as much money as I could afford to send and we are making baby items for Lackland Army Hospital through go check out the site if you want to see what all we are doing,

  Im asking God to direct me in any way I can help from were I live. I know you are all in the same place that I am in. I pray for relief for those in need as soon as possible,

  I think our goverment was taken aback just as the people in New Orleans and other places that were hit hard was. I dont think anyone thought this could have happened but alass it did. Now we have to stop attacking each other and start helping each other through all of this. Lets pray for God to bless us and those that need Him now.

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