Friday, September 23, 2005

All my other dogs


  I put a pic of our new dog up on the journal a while ago. So I thought I should put a pic of all my dogs. These are our babies. We love all of them. Even when they accidently go potty in the house:(

They mostly get along. They fight ever so often. When they do its a riot around here.

I got Mya from my daughter (she still lives with us) when my daughter moved in. We got Fifi from my son when he divorced. We just recently aquired Chico from my son too:) Pooh I bought 8 years ago from some one who told me she was a Bullmastiff (not!) And then there is Max one of the worst destructive dogs Ive ever had. He actually ate my couch. Really! He has calmed down as the older he gets. Thank you Jesus!

Well I just thought you might like to meet some of my family.

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