Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Going to New England


  I didnt know if I told you or not that Im going to New England for a little vacation in October:) My hubby and I are planning on seeing the changing fall leaves. Dont that sound great? We will be flying into Boston then driving to Sturbridge Mass to stay at the old its  2oo years old. The town is an historically accurate town . I think we will enjoy it emencely, We will stay there for 2 nights then we are heading up to Vermont then driving through New Hampshire on to Maine. Where we will be staying at The Pine Hill Inn | Rest, Relax and Indulge in Ogunquit, Maine we will be there the remainder of our stay:) Im so excited.

  In the middle of our stay we are going to head down  to A Stitch In Time *Home to meet CrochetWithDee ™ for a class in Overlay Crochet technique. I cant believe my hubby is letting me take time out to learn a new crochet stitch:) Isnt he sweet?  Im real excited to be meeting a fellow crocheter that I have admired her love of crochet.

Have a great day and Ill be chatting with you again!

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