Saturday, November 5, 2005

What Im working on now:)

  Well here is my next scarf for Crochet with Dee's race to '60 scarves in 60 days' scarf race:) Fun huh? I hope your all making at least one this November and then donate it to a charity of your choosing. And dont forget to tell Dee at so she can keep track.

  I ran out of this particular yarn color and need to go to JoAnns after church tomorrow. What an excuse that is :) I actually need yarn! I like it so much I might as well get a few skeins more. Excuses... excuses... wow what would I do without them:) lol

   Ill see you all later Have a blessed day and night:) Whoopie!!!!

update: I thought I would give you the pattern Im using to make this scarf. So you can try it out and see how easy it is to make a scarf. The pattern is :

ch 26 for the foundation then dc in second ch from the hook. Dc across you should have 25 Dc. turn ch2 and then do a Fpdc around post of dc on first dc on last row. Then dc on top of next dc.(Fpdc in next stitch then dc on top of next dc) across . You should finish with a dc on top of ch 2 of previous row. just repeat this till you get the desired length you want. Well I hope this makes since to you if not just email me and Ill try and explain it better:) You can tell Im not a designer.

  Oh yea I used Lion brand Homespun yarn with a K hook

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