Monday, November 21, 2005

Man you will not believe it but I cant seem to add an entry to my journal. Only with Instant message form. So here goes my entry for you today.
I cannot add or edit entryies to my journal so this is the only way I can communicate to you all right now. Ill contact AOL and see what the issues are.
I have some pics of items Ive been working on especially the ornaments. Ive also been working on dishcloths all this summer. I think Ive made enough to give everyone at least 2 this year:)
Im going to send my pic of the leaf pic I took while in Massachusetts I just love it and thought it was worth another look see:) well I tried and it seems I cant send pics in an instant message format. Sorry

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crochetwithdee said...

AOL has been experiencing technical difficulties.  You can keep track/post at this board: