Saturday, November 12, 2005

Doing better:)

  Well Ive been gettting encouraged to complete my knitting:) Thanks Dee! So Im trying to work on the socks every night for a few minutes at a time. Im going to complete these socks if it kills me!!

  Ive finished making scarves. Ive made 2 so far. When I made her first scarf I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn and only used one skein to make one scarf. Now Im having to use 2 skeins to make one scarf. They must have shortened their skeins some I think but they cost the same!! Oh well they are going to a great cause. I hope you all are making a few scarves for your local charity.

  Well have a blessed day!


ilana221 said...

Hi, I saw your note about Homespun and as an employee of Lion Brand I can tell you that the skeins were not shortened so you could write to our customer service department and let them know about the problem you had and they will send a replacement skein.  You can write to and tell her Ilana sent you.

crochetr said...

 I wrote to your friend. I dont know if it will help but I did it anyways:) I love Lion Brand I still bought the Homespun anyways. I just need to skeins instead of 1 :) Thanks for your comment! Please come back again!