Saturday, November 5, 2005



  Here it is! Its finally gotten cold enough for me to have a nice cup of HOT tea. Ive been drinking cold tea all spring and summer long. I got up today and I was so cold or really chilled that I made my first cup of hot morning tea. Now to be honest I have had hot tea in the evening when I go out.

  Can you see the steam from the tea Im drinking? Its from a box of tea I bought when I visited Sturbridge, MA.They sell it at the Publick House in their bakery.( Boy I would love to have one of their pumpkin muffins to go with this tea!) Its called Harney&Sons  you can reach them at they make a variety of teas and items to go with tea. Im drinking their Cinnamon Spice tea. Its fantastic, smells and taste just like cinnamon. Its like having a stick of cinnamon in the tea! Try it if you like cinnamon.

  Well I just wanted to share with you my first cup of winter tea.

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