Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pine Hill Inn

Here is pics of

The Pine Hill Inn | Rest, Relax and Indulge in Ogunquit, Maine

that we stayed at while we were in Maine.  When I booked the room I thought it was a Victorian room. But to my delight they changed the decor to contempory. It was very nice.

  Michael and Jim who own the inn was very gracious. Michael made the most awesome breakfasts I have ever had in a B&B. It was really a pleasant stay.

The one thing that I did not realize when I booked the room was that the room was on the top floor. You can not believe how many steps I had to climb:) I had to climb stairs just to get into the Inn then I had to climb stairs to the room. Boy was I exausted:)

  This was the Inn that have no TVs in the rooms or even in the parlor. Terry and I talked alot:) We had a great time just talking about our day! You will have to try it some time. But Im never going to be afraid of not missing the old TV.

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