Monday, October 17, 2005

My trip to Sturbridge, Mass

Well Folks,

  Im backkkkk! We had a wonderful time. It did rain every day we were there! But I loved it anyways. When we got to the inn we found out they were having a Scarecrow contest. So I took some pics for you all to see. I hope you can see some of the scarecrows. I didnt take pics of them all. Just a few I found interesting.

  We arrived at the inn at 11 am and our room was nowhere near ready. We could not get into the room till 3 pm. Terry did not get any sleep on the plane at all. Some guy sitting next to him snored very loud. I of course had taken a sleep aid so I was fast asleep! 

I felt so bad for Terry. He was so tired he had not had any sleep for almost 24 hours.We talked the lady into letting us get in the room at 2pm. He went right to sleep so I dosed off and on too. I did watch the tv we did get in our room. The rooms in the inn was very small. And the inn was a two story inn so there was tons of stairs for me to climb! I really hurt after all those stairs.

  We had lunch before we went up to the room. They had the best little bakery in the inn. But we had lunch of creamy clam chowder( but I like the way we make it here in Las Vegas better, we make it thicker!) Then we drove around town till we got into our room.

  Ill post more pics later of the rest of the trip. Hope you can drop by and see more! So come back.

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