Thursday, October 20, 2005

Heres pics of York, Maine

  I wanted you to see more pics that we took on our trip. We went to York, Maine they were having a festival and we wanted to see what all the excitement was about:)

  We had a great time there. They were cooking fresh onion rings...dipping and cooking... they smelt great! We didnt get any because Terry thought my gall bladder might act up. But boy did I want some!

  I bought some yarn from a lady that shore the sheep and spun the yarn herself. I ll take a pic later and show you all what I bought from New England.

  I hope you enjoy the pics theres more to come.

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canforamm said...


I remember that lighthouse........we were there on vacation several years ago.........I love the ocean up there, but you cant swim in it......have to swim in a cove cause of the rocks.

Gods Blessings and Angel Hugs,