Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New England yarn stores


  I wanted to take the time here and introduce you all to the stores I visited in New England. I first went to Webs(http://www.yarn.com/) in NorthHampton, Mass. It was fantastic. Dee from www.CrochetwithDee told me about the store. It was just awesome, it had the most beautiful yarn in the back room. It was huge. If you ever want to see one of the biggest yarn stores in Mass you should visit. You cant walk away from there without buying yarn. I bought the most beautiful ribbon yarn and some awesome sock yarn (for those socks for my mom). And I found a really cool bamboo crochet hook. I also bought the prettiest tote. As you can see it in the pic.

  Then we went to Ogunquit,Maine and Micheal at the Pine Hill Inn (http://www.pinehillinn.com/home/default.asp) told me about the www.YarnSellar.com store. Terry let me go visit and they had some really nice yarns too. Mostly knitting but I did purchase a pattern for slippers and the yarn to make them. I also picked up a really neat little book, you put all your projects in.

  When I went to see Dee from www.CrochetwithDee.com for my Overlay Crochet class. I met her at the nicest yarn store called A Stitch in Time(http://www.astitchintimept.com/). The ladies there were just as friendly as can be. I wished we had a store like that here in Vegas. As you can see in the pic I bought a couple of great itmes from them. I bought a cushion pad for my overlay crochet to be on(when I finish it) and some yarn. I just love the color I have no idea what Im going to do with it :)But Ill have fun trying to figure it out. Thanks Dee for a great time there. Say Hi to Ruth for me!

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crochetwithdee said...

It looks like you got A LOT of great treasures!!!!  I can't wait to see what you create with all your goodies!!  Keep me posted on your Overlay; email me if you need help.  :)