Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sheilas Pony tail holder


  I just love making this pony tail holder my friend Sheila over at  Needles and Hooks made. Sheila is so very talented! If you want the pattern you need to go visit her blog and enjoy! I just love working it up it was very easy and my daughter Abbea loved it! Im going to make more for my granddaughters now:)

  Ive been working on a new afghan of scraps I got the idea from a pic :) Ill have pics up soon. The colors dont want to come through on my camera. I did the afghan in yellow, green, orange and reds. Its just as big as a lap afghan. Turned out very cute.

  Well Ill be back with more happy crocheting!


wipforever said...

WoooHoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Excellent job, Sherri!  I love the colors in the yarn!!!  I'm happy that your daughter loved it too!  Did you have any problems with the pattern?  I think that is the first I've ever written out on something I designed.

Thank you for the compliment and for testing the pattern.  

Blessings and love to you!

crochetwithdee said...

It looks fantastic, Sherri!