Sunday, January 7, 2007

Christmas Cookies

Ok friends,

  Here are pics of my long time friends Diane and Carol cookie our favorite cookies. Date cookies! Yummo!

  I just knew you wanted to see these pics so you would know I didnt just crochet the past month away:) I actually got out in the world and did Christmas things with friends! I hope you all had a great holiday as I did. I did crochet some :) haha Lots of stockings I have pics of those coming soon too! So beware:) haha The first pic you see on the right is Sharlee the one I made the Santa tote for. As you can tell she is around 23 now and I made the Santa tote for her very first Christmas:) I dont actuall bake or even help much in making thses cookies. Im there for moral support. Thats what they keep telling me:) haha. Those cookies are delish with a cup of hot tea! Yummy for my tummy. Its too bad Ill be on a diet soon and they will be just a memory! I hope I can remember them well when I think of them:) You know what I mean

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