Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Santa Tote and pin cushion

Well friends,

  I was busy last night making this cute Santa tote for my friend Sherry. I made this tote over 20 years ago for my friend Dianes daughter Sharlee on her first Christmas. Shar;lee is now 23 years old. But last year she left it in her bedroom with candy in it and the mice got to it and ruined it. Her mom threw it out and didnt tell her til December of last year:) So she asked me to make her another one. But I had no idea where the pattern was for it. I know I still have it... its just where I have no idea:) heehee My friend Sherry told me she had the pattern. That I had given it to her over 20 years ago so she could make one for herself and she knew where the pattern was. So here is the results. The pattern came from a book from 1979.So I made Sharlee her tote (she was very happy about it) So I decided to make one for Sherry so she coud have one for herself. Because she does not know how to make one:) I do hope she likes it!

  Oh and the little pin cushion I made for myself last night while I watched TV with Terry my hubby.

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