Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jerri in hat

well friends,

  Here she is my sister Jerri wearing the hat that Dee sent her. She just loved it. Thanks Dee for the lovely hat. It is so very soft as well. Jerri has yet to loose her hair but we all know its coming. If you would like to make some of these cool hats you can get the pattern over at CrochetWithDee site. Just roam around and enjoy here blog and you will locate the pattern. Dee has some wonderful items and blogs about her crochet there I know you will all love it.

  Im in the middle of making my daughter a surprise afghan.  So nobody go and tell her. Its a granny square pattern. It has variegated flowers for the first row then green around the flower and then white with another row of yellow. I saw the square on someones I cant recall site and I loved the look. I did change a few things to make mine a little different but it is so pretty. I hope she like it. Ill take a pic when Im done with it. After that Im going to start on a ripple afghan. Im waiting for the book 200 Ripple patterns. I sent off for it a few days ago it should be here soon.

  The weather here is getting a little strange. Right now its windy as all get out. The air conditioner guy is suppose to be here in the AM to fix my unit. I hope the weather gets better or he wont come in the wind. I think he is afraid he might fall off the roof.

  Well I should be sleeping its 1:30 in the morning now and Im still wide awake. I hope none of you are awake at this hour if so GO TO BED! heehee

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