Thursday, April 5, 2007

At long last


  Ive been away for quite awhile I know. But I have been busy with my sis' illness..She started chemo and she has only one treatment so far. She went yesterday and her white blood cells were to low to have her chemo treatment. If you pray could you please pray her white blood cells come back up so she can get treatment.

  Ok believe it or not I have been crocheting as well. My friend Karen asked me to make 2 baby afghans and some little outfits. I made the afghans no problemo and Ive made 2 dresses with matching panties and booties with of course caps to match. They are so cute. I have decided I love making baby items:)

  Now back to my sister Jerri. My teacher and my friend Dee over at  CrochetWithDee

makes these awesome caps for ladies that have chemo. She says they are the softest yarn you ever want to wear. So I mentioned to her that I was going to use the pattern she offers to all of us for personal or charity works. I went to my yarn room and pulled out what I thought was soft and that was Homespun in purple.( I would show you pics but I cant find the cable to download my pics from my camera) Well sweet Dee offered to send me a chemo cap for my sister Jerri to wear when she looses her hair.I recieved the cap in todays mail. Man o man is it soft. WOW I love the yarn. I cant wait till I see Jerri and give her the cap I know she will be thrilled to know that someone cared enough to send it to her. It is awesome THANKS Dee! Your a doll! Im taking pics but I need to locate my cable first before I can post them.

  Well Ill be back in a few days to post my update on my sis and let you all know how she liked the caps.

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