Monday, April 9, 2007

Im back for a minute

My My Friends,

 Thanks to CrochetWithDee my sweet hubby bought me 10 I mean 10 skeins of the Marlene yarn that Dee uses to make her chemo hats out of. I just love the stuff! It is way soft. My sister will just love all the caps Ill be making her.

  My sweet friend Dee also made me the cutest little cap and mittens Ive ever seen. They are just to cute for words. Thanks Dee.

  Speaking of my sister...she just loved the cap that Dee sent to her and she put it on I did get a pic but Ive lost my cable for my camera to download to my computer. Ill go sometime this week and order another one if I have to.

Well I better get to bed its 2:30 am here and Ive got to get up early today! Tata for now!


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crochetwithdee said...

Uh-oh!  Another "Marlene" addict!  LOL  

Hi Sherri,
I'm glad your sister liked the hat, and I'm glad you like your "mini" hat & gloves.  I thought you might like a little reminder of "Connecticut" -- we're still quite chilly here.  Hopefully Spring will arrive soon!