Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Missing days


  Im sorry Ive missed a few days now. Ive been sick with a very nasty cough. It started out with a a very sore throat I went to my doc and he prescribed antibiotics and now I have no more sore throat:) But I have maintained a very nasty cough! Ive been on a very strong cough syrup and it helps me sleep but the cough lingers:( Oh well Ill be better some day!

  Ive finished my first 20 stockings and mailed them off to Rhonda in todays mail. I was so happy to get them mailed off. Now Im going to make another 20 or so. I really enjoy making them. As you can tell!

  I also was able to send off 24 Red, White and Blue squares for the Hero ghans we are making. Im really excited about sending them off I feel like at last I have accomplished something worth while:) Yipee!

  Well I made a very cute butterfly pillow the other day that was given to me by Sandra of the LVCrochet yahoo group. Ill take a pic of it tomorrow and you can all check it out:)

  Im thinking of taking the masters course from the Crochet Guild what do you all think? DO you think it would be worth my while? I  was thinking it may be exciting to do something that would better my crocheting:) Oh well I think Ill do it! Ill keep you up to date as I do it.

 Have a great day!

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