Monday, August 1, 2005

Knitting a cap

Well, Im learning to knit a cap using circular needles. This is what my teacher wants me to do before I learn to knit socks. So Im struggling to do this cap,

  Im using pink somewhat mohair yarn. So far I have done the ribbing. I have done 2 rows of the pattern and just learned I have done the wrap stitch all wrong... now Im learning the frog stitch:) Im learning very well that this mohair kinda yarn is hard to frog.

  Ill take a pic the next time on here so you can see my progress. Have a blessed day!


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crochetwithdee said...

I tried to learn how to knit, I really did!  LOL
I have no clue how I made "button holes" in my scarf!  Knit a hat?  Hooboy!  I wouldn't even tempt it -- it'd have too many holes by the time I was done with it!  I'd have to crochet little patches to cover them up!  ((grins))

Any chance you'll be showing us pictures of your work?  Would love to see!  :)