Thursday, May 24, 2007

  Well you will not believe this but Im actually reading this book. My husband and daughter have been begging me to read this book to know the real story not just what the movies say. I cant believe that the movies are nothing like the books. There is so much more in the books than what the movies show and they are totally differant than the books as well. Im really enjoying reading this book. It is so big too almost 800 pages.
  So now you know what Ive been up to these past days. I have been crocheting as well I must say Ive been crocheting baby afghans with little outfits to go along with them. Ive been making little dresses with caps and booties and with one set even a diaper cover to go with. I need to make a boys afghan next. I just have to find a little out fit to make maybe a sweater with cap and booties what do you think?

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playgirlbayb said...

GO HARRY!!!!!!!! Yay yay yay!!!! Im excited. July 21st. Whoo hoooooooooooooo