Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008
This is the first shawl Ive made I hope its long enough.Here is the second one I love coming up with the trim on these
Here is a pile of granny squares for the lapghans
Here is a little peek of the lapghan I made with the granny squares

I cant believe Ive been away for so long. Ive been working on the lapghans and shawls for the home. I have been able to figure out I can make one shawl in 2 days and 1 lapghan in 3 to 4 days. Now I need to get busy because I need many more. I love using varigated yarn for the shawls they only use 2 skeins to make 1 shawl. Im adding a couple pics of the shawls and Im adding a few others of my lapghans out of granny squares. Oh yea Im using Red Heart Super Saver yarn for thses items. Im having the best time coming up with trim ideas.
I made a couple caps for Cora I hope she likes them. I used CrochetwithDee.com pattern for Chemo Caps. I love that pattern itis so easy and looks great. You can find the pattern on her site for free. I forgot to take a pic maybe Cora will send me a pic with her wearing one of them. hint hint!
Ok Im in the process of watching a marathon of NCIS. It helps with crocheting I love that show! I can wait for the new season to start.
Ok Im dont chatting with you all. Have a great day! tata


crochetwithdee said...

Wow Sherri, you sure have been busy!  Everything looks terrific!   ... and I'm honored you chose to use my chemo pattern.  What type of yarn did you use for Cora's chemo cap?  

It's good to have you back blogging again!  :)

wipforever said...

Everything looks absolutely BEE-OOOOO-TEE-FULLLLLL!!!!!!! :-D