Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I forgot to let you all on a fantastic little jewel of a yarn, And that would be Dees 60 scarves in 60 days Challenge. Come one come all to the party! Im going to try and get a least 3 scarves done with all that Im doing maybe more. Last year I think I made 6. This year I have a program to give them to. And that would be the Homeless Chapter at our little church. They gather warm clothing in the months of September and October and into November for the homeless in Vegas. So here I am again along with Dee crocheting scarves.

  Dee asked me a question about the Chemo Caps Ive been making with her pattern, you can find the free pattern on her site over at CrochetWithDee , Dee you mentioned a while back that used Marlene from Mondial for your hats so thats what I use. I get the now discountinued yarn off of Ebay. I bought about 100.00 worth last year for my sisters caps and she loved them I think Ill post a pick of her favorite, she wore all the time.

I just bought some more of the yarn from a Ebayer she says she has alot left if your interested. My sister liked her hat because I didnt make it too long and it was so soft.

Ok thats enough from me have a happy crochet day!

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wipforever said...

Looks like I need to get my hiney over to Dee's blog ASAP!!!  I completely forgot about the challenge!

Thanks for the mention of this, Sherri!

Love and hugs,