Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday, June 06, 2008
you will not believe it but I wrote out the post here and lost it just when I was finishing up. dont you hate that?
well ok here we go again. I had the lapband surgery on the 2nd and Im starting to feel good again. Not so stiff and bruised up. I stopped taking the pain meds they gave me because I could not sleep good on it. I had the best nights sleep in a few days last night.
I will take a new pic of me when this all starts to melt away maybe around 50 pounds...oh how exciting. Im looking forward to buying new clothes come next year something to look forward to:) For sure
I just finished reading the mystery novel called Hooked on Murder that Dee mentions on her blog  CrochetWithDee. I really wanted to go and join the group and help them finish there afghan on time but they seem to get it done with out my help:) OH how fun to be in a Crochet only group. I did start going to a group here in Vegas but they started bringing in there knitting and all so I lost interest. I know I shoud be more open minded but come on there is knitting groups everywhere but where is a crochet only group? for pities sake am I wrong?
Im working on something new and I cant mention it here because there are big eyes that dont need to see what Im up to:) It will be a surprise!
Ok have a great day and Ill see you again in my dreams in my CROCHET only group! Happy crocheting...

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