Monday, June 16, 2008

down another 10 pounds

  Im still eating just liquids and Im still not hungry. Yipee I did loose another 10 pounds so thats 20 pounds all total.
  Ive been crocheting a few items such as washcloths and hats for my mom. I do have a special project going but I cant show it to you just yet.
  As soon as I can pull myself together Im going to see about starting up a new group of crocheters here in Vegas. I just need to figure out where to meet and what we all might want to get out of crocheting as a group. If you, my friends, have any suggestions bring them on...
  Ok Im going back to my crocheting and I want you all to do the same...

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wipforever said...

Suggestion - library.  Most offer special classes and such so I am sure that they will have a room for you to meet in.  Of course, they will probably help promote the cause too!

Congrats on your weight loss!  Don't know how you can drink just liquids though.  How are your blood sugars doing?

Love and hugs,