Wednesday, October 1, 2008

new old lhome to be


  I read the email yesterday that told me that they were shutting down the AOL Journals so there will be no more Crocheters Needle Arts but I have great news for you. You can find me over at Sherri's Needle Crafts. Its my eBlog account I usually blog there then copy to Aol journal anyways, So please go there and join my Followers and visit me. That means you Sheila and Dee and all the other friends I have here on Aol journal.

  Ill really miss visiting with you all and please email me your new site at to keep me aprised at where you are all going to. Dont forget Im at Sherri's Needle Crafts if you want to come by and see me. Im going to have alittle contest starting this coming Monday Oct. 6th so please come by/

Blessings from above and all my love to you all.

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