Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Been keeping busy


Ive been keeping myself busy crocheting. I know you just cant believe that but its true! I went yesterday and bought several skeins of Vanna Whites new yarn. Im going to try and make myself a little bag with the colors I bought. I got some handles from Jimbo a whole ago and I thought I would see if I could use them or not. I might not because they are rather woodsy and these colors just might not go with the woodsy look:) Hee hee Am I making my self clear? Nope I think not. Heres a pic I took awhile ago of a bag Im thinking of making. It was on sale on eBay and I tried to buy it but I lost out so I took the pic and thought I would try my hand at copying the pattern. What do you think. I did pick differant colors and Im going to make some differant insides. So it wont be exactly like this one Ill take pics and we can compare when Im done hows that?

On the camera idea I have yet to find one I want. There are so many of them out there to choose from. My daughter did show me how to take pics with my cell phone and load them up to the computer so Ill try that next time to see how that works out for me. Wish me luck:) heehee

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