Saturday, July 7, 2007


Ive been keeping busy with my crocheting as of late. It has been so hot here in Vegas this past week. I dont think I could do anything else but crochet. It reached up to 118 here on Thursday they say it will get cooler now. I hope so.

Well I went and made the little sachet thread gift card holder into a yarn book/CD holder. I made one for my sister for her 50th birthday. She loved it. Here is a pic. My daughter gave me the idea to use yarn instead of thread to make it bigger and maybe put a book in the little pocket. It turned out rather cute I think.


crochetwithdee said...

It looks great, Sherri!  :)
The weather has been a bit crazy here ... we had hail yesterday!

playgirlbayb said...

You know why it was a good idea? Because im BRILLIANT
!!!! LOL I do love this tho mom. You know you now HAVE to make me one for my bed. Large enough to fit Harry Potter in there tho. Thanks!!!! Love you