Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

New crocheter arises

Heres a pic of my oldest grandchild Alex. She is learning to crochet. She loves it she says. I dont know if that is for my benefit or if she really likes it or not:) But my hopes is she likes it to continue on. I have taught all 3 of my grandkids to crochet now. I dont have a pic of them but I will take a pic soon. I love it they are trying to learn. The other two I have taught to knit as well. They seem to like crochet better but you never know what they will gravitate to next.

Alex was very pleased that she learned to do a chain stitch and a single crochet then attemps at double crochet too. Im going to teach her next to make a ganny square. I think once she learns to do a square she will be hooked like me:) heehee


crochetwithdee said...


I think it's wonderful that you're passing your crochet passion on, Sherri!  

playgirlbayb said...

Sadly she had to pass it on to the grand kids....her talented gorgeous and very modest daughter had no talent in the crochet department. I think I am her one great failure. She can teach anybody....yet I can not learn. Do you know why? Cuz every time I get half way down the line she snatches it from me and yanks it out!!!!! you know what that does to a person? lol....its enough to need medication!!! Abbea